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    "Every day is a holiday, every meal is a feast, every friend is a hero, every encounter is a retreat! "

    Dick Sherwood

    Former Colonel, business executive, and personal mentor



    Most importantly I am a woman of faith, wife, a mother, a business professional, technology influencer, and a community leader. I have 30 years of experience in the energy and tech sectors. I focus on customer-centric solutions leveraging cost-effective and innovative methods. I have held senior leadership roles at Halliburton, Hewlett Packard, ConocoPhillips, and Seadrill. I also consult and am currently an advisor to my peers and colleagues, CEOs, other CIOs and CTOs in various industries.


    I add value as a visionary, a technology executive, a strategist and a business evangelist. I combine my passion for positive change with my robust experience in large scale transformational initiatives and have achieved a track record of success in creating common sense solutions and results focused environments. My teams deliver!


    Throughout my career I have built a mosaic of favorite methodologies and principles derived from works by:


    Patrick Lencioni, The Five Dysfunctions of a Team, etc.

    Simon Sinek, Start With Why, etc.

    Brene Brown, Dare to Lead, etc.

    Jose Berengueres, Sketch Thinking

    Tim Berry, Lean Business Planning


    My professional journey began as a hardware deployment analyst with a technology firm contracted by Halliburton. I traveled the globe upgrading client PCs and servers before landing a role within Halliburton/ Kellog Brown and Root's (KBR) IT organization. This experience provided me hands on experiences and foundational concepts about managing technology. Most importantly I learned basic business principles and developed long lasting professional relationships with some of the best talent in the industry!


    Fueling my innovative passion, I invented a web-based solution to automate hardware and software deployment projects with minimal human intervention. I left Halliburton for a brief period to pursue this software idea by joining Hewlett Packard leading a global software development and consulting team, driving sales initiatives geared toward global enterprise level companies, Coca Cola Enterprises, Credit Suisse First Boston, and Blue Cross/Blue Shield.


    After meeting the love of my life and fulfilling the desire to become a mom, I returned to Halliburton to overhaul their global IT Service Management (ITSM) processes and eventually joined their business technology team as Chief Technology Advisor. As Chief Technology Advisor, I spearheaded process workflow digitization for geo subsurface unconventional plays for full field development.


    After serving Halliburton for six years, I was recruited by ConocoPhillips to drive the technology strategy for enterprise-level functions including corporate communications, government affairs, investor relations, business development and multiple geographically focused business units including the Lower 48.


    Equipped with my own philosophies, theories and methods about leading a global technology ecosystem, I stepped into the role as Chief Information Officer and Vice President at Seadrill. What an amazing company and great adventure to execute my ideas and leadership principles. The results continue to prove that when you invest in your team they deliver real results beyond your expectations!


    For the past three years, I led my team to combine traditional IT management with modern digital, environmental, and industrial technologies to mold the future of Seadrill’s data-driven, innovative digital strategy while modernizing the traditional technology stack. With a dedicated focus on advanced data analytics to assess equipment maintenance and asset performance, improving cyber-security, addressing environmental goals, and paying close attention to safety, my colleagues and

    team realized cost-reduction benefits, sustained IT service efficiencies, and curated a 

    robust pipeline of tangible results and positioned Seadrill for its future!





    with Technology!


    “The Stack” (see image below) is a concept I developed over many years of helping internal colleagues and non-IT peers understand the many aspects of technology that must be managed. It illustrates how multi-faceted set of disciplines, methodologies, skillsets and most importantly...mindsets come together to deliver results! My proven approach aids in developing talent, setting priorities, and determining future investments.


    Managing technology requires a multi-disciplinary team…

    Business Leaders, Project Managers, Architects, Business Analysts, Developers, Discipline based Subject Matter Experts, Change Agents, Diplomats, and Evangelists.


    A Technology team needs to have the skills to listen and understand many aspects of technology…

    How does it add value?

    Who is going to use it...How should it be used?

    How to build it...How to support it...How to improve it.

    And most importantly...when it's not adding value...abandon it!


    Ultimately...Drive value and get a return on investment!

    Decrease costs, use tech to Generate Revenue and Improve Profit Margins

    Always improve customer satisfaction (internal & external)!

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  • The Technology Landscape

    Effectively and efficiently managing a company's technology landscape is a key component to increase revenue, decrease costs and improve margins WHILE creating loyal customers both internally and externally!


    This has to be done both TOP DOWN (executive leadership) and BOTTOMS UP (employees) which leads to value realization by meeting in the middle! Employees know how to make their jobs more efficient when they understand the technology that can help them...and executives are driving the future vision of the company...the two objectives have to come together!


    The key to this is to determine your "Technology Segments" and then focus on the right segment/s to INVENTORY, INFORM, IDENTIFY, IDEATE, INVEST or DIVEST in order to create the portfolio that your business needs! ! See example below.




    I strive to thoroughly understand the business model and identify how underpinning technology supports the goals of the business to improve shareholder value.


    Achieving this standard of excellence requires the ability to listen to my peers, learn what they are trying to achieve, the business reasons why and determine where technology plays a role.


    Success also demands the ability to build trust. Trust based relationships throughout all parts of an organization are essential. I have learned that when my peers see my teams being responsible with our own budget and still modernizing the technology stack, the tend to trust you with theirs!


    Excellent business leadership leads to phenomenal technology leadership!


    1. TECH EXPLOITATION: Understand your existing technology stack, its functionality and how it is being used and can be further exploited to support the business.


    2. INNOVATION: Forward thinking and staying in touch with emerging technology is required to understand the Art of the Possible.


    1 + 2 = #3.

    SERVICE: Knowing the technology landscape and identifying your business case based priorities...ensures technology serves your organization and its people!


    Healthy conversations with honesty and transparency lead to open and collaborative thoughts and ideas!


    Possessing an accurate and deep understanding of a function's (department's) objectives and goals of the organizations you serve, ensures alignment with their decisions and yours. Investments, adoption, and appropriate abandonment of technology depends on it.


    Trust is everything! Allowing yourself to be vulnerable, build on what you know, acknowledge what what you don’t know, and learn from every level in the organization removes barriers and risks of bias. An enduring trust is built by keeping your promises, owning opportunities and celebrating other’s successes.


    I firmly believe in being an authentic, transparent and empathetic leader of people. It starts by understanding what each individual team member wants to achieve both professionally and personally. By identifying and mapping where their talents and skills contribute to the objectives and technology strategy, I am able to build dedication, creative solution building and loyalty!


    You are only as good as your wekeast link is a phrase I take to heart! Strong links build strong chains!


    While one should never let a crisis go to waste, I believe avoiding crisis through planning and discipline cannot be undervalued, especially when there are high safety risks...man vs. machine, elevated heights, and "red zone" areas due to the nature of the business!


    The elements of Effective Situation Management requires both disciplined processes AND a team that knows how to calmly consume information, assess options and execute critical decision making.


    Effective Situation Management and processes accompanied by a team that knows how to calmly consume information, assess options and execute critical decision making is a must have in Crisis Avoidance and Management.


    Effective and efficient business processes are the crown jewels of any successful business! Through my career, I have invested in building a robust understanding of each business unit's core processes. I set the same expectation for my technology teams! By leveraging methods such as Lean 6 Sigma, process and mind mapping, we can leverage technology and change management concepts to engineer processes that best fit the business's goals.


    With an unwavering desire to engage and empower individuals in the business arena, it’s only natural that I channel this energy toward helping my community.


    In 2016, I learned about the profound risks children face online. Grooming and sexual exploitation is ubiquitous and growing. I serve this community by gifting my business skills to the non profit world of anti sex trafficking.


    The outcomes sometimes even surprise me. I have now created an ecosystem of collaboration that includes 40+ nationwide non-profit organizations (HAAT), influential community leaders (The Houston 20), and the Oil and Gas Trafficking Awareness Group (OGTAG).


    I have built meaningful and fruitful relationships with legislators and law enforcement officers that hold criminals accountable and protect and priovide services to victims and survivors. I serve on various executive boards including Elijah Rising, Hope Rising, and Crime Stoppers. I take pride in also being an advisor to GOYA Foods and their GOYA Cares initiative in the fight against sex trafficking.

  • Let's get to know each other!

    I enjoy listening, learning, expanding my network, transparently sharing information, growing and succeeding together!